State Based Family Connection

Ablecommunity team is humbled and thankful to Allah Subhan O Ta’ala enabling us to bring the Muslim Family Solutions, is a revolutionary Secure Cloud for Muslim Families and business platform.

Able Community (nonprofit) is bringing technology trainings and volunteering helps to our families and nonprofit organizations help them with learning and using technology for families and community programs and services.

Only $1 and 50 cents each day $75/Month $100/Month Other Amount


Family Event Program

The Events management program allows our community members to view events listing based on zip code/city, select events families wants to participate, register and gets online ticket sell and confirmation.

$45/Month $75/Month $100/Month Other Amount

Family Care System

This enables our families to avoid information blockage, lack of information connectivity and in turn minimize Stress, Fear, and Uncertainty with a sense of connection, belonging, and support, clarity of direction and control of solutions.

$45/Month $75/Month $100/Month Other Amount

Family Crowd Funding

Our Muslim community members will LOVE being able to harness the power of the crowd to fund their projects—and you’ll love the boost in traffic, page-views and exposure your website. This is one of our featured program

$45/Month $75/Month $100/Month Other Amount

Career Job and Intership Programs

Jobs and freelancing program is intended to help community businesses organize their online job postings and online application submissions.
Ablecommunity Jobs & Freelancing program is open for any business and company.

$45/Month $75/Month $100/Month Other Amount

Young Muslim Program

The Young Muslim Program enables a clean safe online network for you. It enables you to reach out for educational help. Islamic Knowledge help. Counselling and support, internship and jobs trainings, leadership values, principles and communication, businesses, community and Civic Causes and much more!!

$45/Month $75/Month $100/Month Other Amount

Scholars Programs

By the grace of Allah, Ablecommunity leadership is pleased bringing the first Muslim Imam’s and Scholars Website Program.The Free website program for our Imam’s & Scholars enables the online availability, communication & networking, knowledge & resources directly connecting with our Families and individuals.

$45/Month $75/Month $100/Month Other Amount


We have many programs in our operational project, You are able to select what program that you want to give your sponsorship.



Is there a place that’s especially close to your heart? You can choose to send your sponsorship per state. These contributions may be used for development projects that improve the program.