BisMillah Ar Rehman Ar Rahim

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

As Salaam O Alaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Able Community ( is the technology leader for the Muslim Community focusing on enabling and providing solutions for our families, schools and Masajid.

Our offices are in the Silicon Valley California, Austin Texas, Atlanta, GA, Pakistan and Indonesia. Our team members are dedicated Muslims from the U.S, Canada, UK, Pakistan, India and Indonesia.

Today we are deeply thankful to Allah Subhan O Ta’Ala for introducing a sophisticated web based Masjid Management System, which consists of mature and highly secure capabilities such as:

1. Accounting & Finance Management
2. Projects and Vendor Management
3. Member and Volunteer Management
4. Fund Raising and Pledge Management
5. Campaign Management
6. Zakaat Management
7. Case Management
8. Communication & Collaboration Management (MSmile)
9. Election Management
10. Survey & Polling Management
11. Discussion forum
12. Masajid Petition Management
13. Grant Management and much more
14. Masjid Petition Management


Able Community fully realize and appreciate that our Masajid are not into the business of running technology capabilities but to serve the Islamic needs of our community members. To enable technology solutions for our Masajid, Able Community provides real time support and technical hands on help through our dedicated full time support staff.


Masjid Management System Tiered Solution