Free Medical System at a glance

-  Strong focus in family medicine and Primary Health Care

-  Major interest in Socio-economic (housing conditions, substance abuse, education...)

-  Diseases and Medical procedures standards (ICD-10 / ICD-10-PCS)

-  Prescription writing

-  Billing

-  Patient Genetic and Hereditary risks: Over 4200 genes related to diseases (NCBI / Genecards)

-  Epidemiological and other statistical reports

-  100% paperless patient examination and history taking

-  Patient Administration (creation, evaluations / consultations, history ... )

-  Doctor Administration

-  Lab Administration

-  Medicine / Drugs information (vademécum)

-  Medical stock and supply chain management

-  Hospital Financial Administration

-  ACI Free Medical System allows to attach documents (X-rays, Biopsy results, ... ) to the Patient chart.

-  Designed with industry standards in mind

-  Free Software. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later


The information generated and gathered in ACI Free Medical System should be standard. We use ICD-10 for pathologies / diseases diagnoses. For example, instead of typing an arbitrary name for the condition, the doctor will be able to choose from over 14000 mutually exclusive classified diseases. This is very important for epidemiological and other statistical studies.

ACI Free Medical System uses the information on genetics from the National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI and Genecards to link genes disorders to diseases. This information is important to evaluate risks of the patient to contract an specific disease and the probability of transmitting it to next generations. ACI Free Medical System also registers all the relevant family history information of the patient.

Similarly, the patient history will be in a format that medical centers all over the world would be able to process. Effective, paperless and fast way of practicing medicine.


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