Introduction and Vision

Able Community is a leader in community based online classes and education platform. We are dedicated to bring leading edge online educational solutions to community schools and institutions at a zero cost. Our goal is to enable, operate and support the academic capabilities to meet 21st century requirements while sharing, leveraging and enhancing educational resources for our children, youth and families.



Able Community has established Governance body to manage and drive Muslim Community School Management program. The School Management System development, support, enhancement and delivery are part of the School Management Program.
Governance board members are:
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Able Community SMS Solution

Able Community has brought a complete yet modular School Management System environment for our community schools and institutions. The School Management System has following school management resources:


  1. School Administration & Billing
  2. Online class attendance, home work assignments, home work grading, tests/quizzes, exams and results
  3. Online Digital Library
  4. Email and Collaboration
  5. Academic and social collaboration
  6. Questions & Answers tool for effective education interaction
  7. Events Management
  8. Survey & Polling
  9. Fund Raising capability & communication
  10. Yellow Pages listing
  11. School website optimization including search engine optimization
  12. Able Insurance (Halal Insurance)


School Management System Features


School Administration

  1. Enable Yearly School Calendar
  2. Enable School Classes
  3. Assign Teachers to the class
  4. Register students with parents relationship
  5. Register students to the class
  6. Assign students to the class teachers
  7. Enable Class Attendance
  8. Enable reports
    1. Class attendance report
    2. Students GPA reports
    3. Students average score reports
    4. Student Absence report
    5. Special reports requested by schools and school administrators
  9. Enable Billing
  10. Enable Survey
  11. Enable Events management
  12. Enable Email & Collaboration tool
  13. Enable Online Accounting System



Accounting and Finance Management

  1. Complete accounting, budgeting, vendor management and billing solution for our community schools.


Online school and class management

School and Class Enrollment

  1. Establish and enable roles
    1. Admin
    2. Teacher
    3. Student
    4. Parent
    5. Course creator
    6. Guest
  2. Assignment Management
  3. Academic and social Collaboration
  4. Events Management
  5. Blog
  6. Question & Answer
  7. Forum
  8. Email and Collaboration
  9. Survey & Polling
  10. Knowledge Library WIKI
  11. Lesson Management
  12. Academic workshop
  13. School Hub for course development and distribution based on IQRA Publications online courses.


Element of Quality Management

  • Support
  • Help desk
  • FAQ
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Survey & Polling


Why do we need the School Management System for our Community Schools?


Problem Statement

As a community dedicated for the academic excellence of our students, we make effort to establish community schools. Our schools are challenge with the limited resources while putting lot of hard work and collaborative activities to fix broken processes, incomplete data, recording and reporting of financial data.


Common Issues of our Community Schools – High Level

  • Lack of streamlined school administration work-flow process
  • Lack of automated events management solution for the school events
  • Parents/teachers/students interaction and follow-up in real time
  • Students academic networking in a clean, safe and fun environment
  • Survey and Polling capability
  • Broader teacher’s engagement for course and activities development including exchange of ideas


Detailed Issues (granular Level)

  • Lack of standardized forms, templates and reports
  • Lack of clean and quality communication and collaboration tools
  • Lack of a modern survey and polling capability
  • Lack of a simplified budgeting, billing, accounting and financial reporting tool
  • Lack of online fund-raising capability
  • Lack of reach to a wider community audience
  • Lack of clear and detailed school management system requirements


Cost: $0

Operation and Service Support: $0/month