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Food Distribution Software


Currently there is no capability for the nonprofits (for food distribution & delivery) for a centralized and integrated food distribution platform that can connect with food provider companies and warehouses.

This gap has very serious issue for food distribution not properly planned, stored and distributed resulted in massive food waste depriving communities, families, children and individuals to access nutritious food and healthy life style.

Centralized & integrated food distribution system will help nonprofits and food distribution farms, companies and stores to see analytics, reporting and distribution planning/schedule minimizing food waste and improve delivery efficiency and improved availability of food addressing the food crisis in the U.S & globally.

B. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES To build food distribution & facilities/warehouse system with roles, activities and rule-based workflow and forms and reporting template. This will help Food Distribution software will help nonprofits directly connect with farms, food suppliers, companies and stores for efficient food distribution and enhance food availability for our communities.

The project activities will be geared towards helping all demography of the families and communities in scope of food distribution efforts.
This activity will benefit them directly in that for a period of 2 years, their educational needs will be provided to effectively use and maintain the food pantry system and operations


The activities intended to be carried out include:
Distribution, warehouse, facilities software requirements and design as a comprehensive solution for the data management needs of food banks, farms, food companies and stores. Proposed features include:

  • Integration of Warehouse, facilities, distribution centers for food nonprofits, food companies, stores and farms.
  •  Detailed inventory management.
  • Automatic generation of analytics and real time reporting.
  • Food Stores, Food Pantry & reporting.

For food banks which deliver directly to their customers, features include:

  • Automatic packing list and schedule generation.
  • Google Maps integration for driver route assignment.

Involvement of the food pantry and food distribution nonprofits, food companies, stores, farms, donors and applicants

The nonprofits for food pantry & food distribution are the nearest partner to the project than anyone else. Therefore, they will be involved in requirements gathering of the pantry software development. We will identify the beneficiaries, monitoring the progress of project and evaluating the development, features, workflow, reporting and impact of the project.

Collaboration of government offices

As government offices are one of the stakeholders in the project, they shall participate to a large extent in overall project cycle for successful completion of the project. These offices are rural development, finance and economic development.

Sticking to government policies

This project is in line with the food security strategy.


Program Lead: Rizwan Ashraf
Project Coordinator: Syed Hassan
Communication & Media: Naz Khan
Vendor evaluation & oversight:
Invoice, Budget & Payments: Cindy Nguyen
Quality Control: Cindy Nguyen
Audit & Report:


The project activities in partnership with NGO and nonprofits to accomplish:

  • Complete and finalize the assessment of requirements from partner organizations, donors, volunteers and applicants.
  • Project plan development and approval with assigned project manager.
  • Agreement of activities, timeline and funding.
  • Scheduled project status reporting and risk management
  • Quick Reference Guide, Trainings and support

Able Community is a nonprofit organization serving the poor and needy people especially children in the community in rural & urban slum areas and Tribal hill areas and backward communities.

The Organization is helping children and their communities towards a wholesome future filled with hope, dignity, justice and peace. Reaching out to the poorest of the poor in target areas without respect to caste, color and creed.

Able Community works through partnerships to bring about lasting change in the lives of vulnerable people.

Able Community has designed and operates the Society Services based on Governance operating model. This allows to build the Society Services Programs and shared resources including lesson learned and helping each other/partner nonprofits in countries.

Able Community has established Governance of Society programs with partner nonprofits:

    1. United States of America
    2. Afghanistan
    3. Bangladesh
    4. Cambodia / Champa / Vietnam
    5. Indian Minorities
    6. Pakistan

Able Community has established Council, Charter, Policies & Procedures, operations and financial risk management, communication plan, project plan and performance reporting managing following society programs:

  1. Orphan, Children Care & Education
  2. Clean Water & Wells
  3. Sanitation & Toilets
  4. Family & Women vocational trainings & Jobs
  5. Fruits & Vegetables
  6. Vegetable Farming
  7. Animal Farming & Fisheries

The Society councils have open, collaboration, shared resources, lesson learned, idea-sharing and volunteering opportunities to help each other and improve the quality of the shared programs.
For Food Pantry Software Development Project:

food pantry project

    1. SICHAM (Social Initiative for Champa)
    2. Connected Healthcare Initiative
    3. International Orphan Care
    4. Urban Angels
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food pantry project