Key Success Goals Accomplishments

In-Progress Next Steps for the 21st Century Muslim Society

  1. Review the progress, success and appreciation of effort along with your valuable feedback
  2. Syed Rizwan and team to reach out for in-person/online introduction & collaboration meeting with the Advocacy team
  3. Reach out to Community Leaders and Professionals to join AC Advocacy for the intro, awareness, support and operations (Locally & wider) for the unified 21st century Muslim Society.
  4. Review the intro material and provide feedback, language making it easier and helpful for our community members, leaders & professionals to understand in simplified and sensible manner
  5. Provide use cases so we can enhance our introduction and events PPT contents for community participation and engagement
  6. Help with Video testimonials of the Vision & capability of 21st Century Muslim Society and practical solution programs for our Ummah
  7. Provide feedback, collaboration & introduction for the Able Community donations & fund-raising drive for the programs introduction, trainings, volunteering success of our Ummah