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The 21st Century Unified Muslim Society in North America needs learning, understanding, and adhering to the “pure” and “true” Islam in an educated, respectful, transparent, and practical manner in order to meet the very fast-paced social and economic life in the 21st century.

Under the Leadership of Syed Rizwan Ashraf

Our Vision:

Reviving Islam for the 21st Century Unified Muslim Society

When the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) inhabited and rebuilt Medina, he did not only teach the Quran, he was a living model, he was a “walking & breathing” Quran. He rebuilt social and economic system in Medina with justice & balance and sincerity & growth; and this is Islam!

At “Able Community” and the “International Chamber of Economy”, we are reviving the “pure” and “true” Islam in the 21st Century Unified Muslim Society by establishing social and economic platforms for the Families, Young Muslims, Sisters, Professionals, and Businesses on secure cloud infrastructure. Governance Framework is the operation of the 21st Century Unified Muslim Society in accordance with the Holy Quran and Sunnah by ensuring justice & balance and sincerity & growth are re-established, just like the vision of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) in Medina.

Our Goals:

Reviving the “pure” and “true” Islam in the 21st Century Unified Muslim Society by practicing critical thinking in our understanding of Islamic knowledge; by bringing Islamic knowledge from the Quran and Sunnah to real-life experiences; by practicing self-awareness of our intentions, our thoughts, our actions, and how to utilize our self-awareness to improve our inner-beings daily; and subsequently how to positively inspire our families, neighbors, colleagues, and communities; and ultimately how to transform our society into a betterment of life, a godly place to live on earth! Ameen!

"Advocacy and Volunteering Platform" Engagement Model

Advocacy Team


The 1st Launch Event of the 21st Century Unified Muslim Society




  • Start Event with Recitation of Surah Ar-Rahman

  • Current State of Risks for the Muslim Community by Advocacy Operations Team
Dr. Nazeer Ahmed
Br. Shamshad Khan

  • Proposed Solutions by the 21st Century Unified Muslim Society's Governance Framework and Solutions-Driven Platforms
Syed Rizwan Ashraf

  • Sadiqi (صَدِيقي) "My Friend" Engagement Model to Train Young Muslims to Becoming Future Leaders
Br. Yousef Khan
Sr. Yumna Ashraf
Sr. Aqsa Ashraf

  • Advocacy Operations Team: How Parents will Offer Solutions to Young Muslims
Br. Shamshad Khan
Syed Irfan Ashraf
Syed Rizwan Ashraf

  • Journey of a New Convert Muslim Sister and her Vision on the Future Islam

  • Overview of Solutions-Driven Platforms

  • Value of Able Community to the 21st Century Unified Muslim Society: Approach & Benefits
Dr. Nazeer Ahmed
  • Families, Professionals, and Communities: Sign-up for the "al-Ansar (الأنصار)Advocacy & Volunteering" platform
  • Round Table Q&A
  • Social, Pictures, Networking with Families, Professionals, Communities, and Able Community's Advocacy Operations Team