1. What is Scholar Website Program?

Able Community is Muslim online infrastructure that focuses on enabling value based solution and online communication.

Part of our efforts (Masjid Management System, School Management System, Online Stores etc) is providing scholars to have specialized, dynamic and interactive website which captures their profile, programs, knowledgebase, question & answer sessions including forum and events and donation system.

The intention is to enable capabilities and resources for our scholars so that they can deliver quality knowledge and services to our community.

The Scholar Website technology is designed and implemented by dedicated and highly professional experts from Silicon Valley, California.

A brief overview of Scholar website features is here (Link scholar tiered features)

This is combined with our dedicated full time staff and volunteers to support the Scholar websites and events.


2. Why do we need Scholar website Program?

Our Scholars provide excellent Islamic services under incredible challenging conditions and limited resource. Combine this fact with the limited technology skill set to create, develop and maintain online communication and website.

Able Community is the first Muslim online infrastructure/foundation that enables focused and real life solutions for our scholars, masajid and families. We are enabling Scholar website capabilities from website development, web hosting, events management, fund raising and donations.


3. What are the key drivers for Scholar Website Program?

The single most important key driver is to enable online Muslim infrastructure that enables solutions and communication based on Islamic values, environment and foster learning and growth from our institutions to our families and individuals. This can be best serve to enable Scholar websites and interactive engagement, collaboration and communication.

Second is to provide professional grade online tools, solutions and resources to our Scholars while connecting them to the community at large for effective engagement, knowledge sharing, programs that benefit community, families and individuals.

Ideally by enabling an online Muslim infrastructure and environment, we strive to become a positive, dynamic and solution oriented community model for rest of the world.


4. How many Scholars are already using the Scholar Website Program

We are going through field trials with few Scholars from California, Texas and Wisconsin. Insha Allah we will fully launch the Scholar Website Program in July, 2011.


5. Why hosted only Scholar Websites?

Few important reasons:

A. Developed and supported by dedicated Muslim professional catered to provide efficient support and operations of online resources.
B. Highly secure architecture with key security features such as:

a. Server BIOS and hardware level security in a Tier 1 data center
b. Security hardened Operating System with OS level firewall
c. Security controls in database server
d. Application layer security
e. Program language level security
f. Secure configuration of web server
g. Security audit and logging enabled
h. Network firewall with segregation between web server, database and other VM environment.
i. Separate development, staging and production environment while implemented segregation of duties.
j. No direct access to the production environment.

C. It’s not feasible for most of our scholars to acquire and manage such granular level secure architecture. In addition, Able Community has team of website designers, SEO capability and integrated services experts.


6. We do not need Scholar website Program. We have our internal IT expert team

Based on our engagement with Masajid and scholars, the IT resources are volunteer based and are not at the level of professional grade full time dedicated solutions. This is our Scholar website and Masjid solution differentiation. We are dedicated, committed and available to provide quality and sustainable solution.


7. What is the business model?

Able Community is providing the Scholar Website services free of cost to our scholars while making fund raising effort to support our solutions and goals.

Able Community Management team is based on full time technology experts from Silicon Valley, California. We are in the process to start fund raising in order to sustain the operations and development of Scholars website program as well as other key solutions coming in following months. Some of the products/solutions we are about to launch is:

A. Web hosting solution
B. Masjid Management System
C. School Management System
D. Islamic scholar website development and support
E. Restaurant Management system
F. Medical Hospital/Clinic Management System for nonprofit organizations
G. Website development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
H. Masajid and Halal food Yellow Pages
I. Online stores and Women business Program
J. Events Management System
K. Get out to Vote and Political Canvassing


8. How would you derive the income/profit?

Our focus is to ensure Able Community operations and programs are funded via the fund raising efforts. Able Community Management is not deriving any money or funds towards ourselves. All the funds/money is 100% given to Able Community operations and program/solutions cost.


9. Why not give the Scholar Website Services free?

Good idea. This is exactly what we are providing Insha Allah.


10. What is Able Community?

Able Community is the first Muslim Online infrastructure that provides real life solutions and products to make life safe, fun based on best practices and quality implementation.

A. Able Community platform foster a clean, safe and fun environment managed by community professionals and volunteers while enabling and supporting solutions such as:
Web hosting solution
B. Masjid Management System
C. School Management System
D. Islamic scholar website development and support
E. Restaurant Management system
F. Medical Hospital/Clinic Management System for nonprofit organizations
G. Website development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
H. Masajid and Halal food Yellow Pages
I. Online stores and Women business Program
J. Events Management System
K. Get out to Vote and Political Canvassing
L. And More


11. Why Able Community?

We wanted to focus on the infrastructure platform that’s based on Islamic values and principles while striving that we manage operation and conduct of Able Community without political or personal influence.

Able Community takes pride to conduct its actions and operations based on high level of ethics, sincerity, devotion and accountability while focused on sharing our capabilities and solutions.

Our intention is to offer the same level of quality solutions across the board so each one of us can learn, trust and grow together.


12. Why do we trust Able Community with our confidential and sensitive data?

For the following important reasons:

A. Able Community is run by highly technical Muslim professionals from the Silicon Valley, California.
B. Our Infrastructure is designed and implemented with extensive detail from hardware, Operating System, DNS, Web Server, Database, Application firewall and network firewall. The solution is managed round the clock by the security and IT professionals.
C. The Scholar Website solution is developed, reviewed and improved by the scholars and individuals in the Silicon Valley, CA.
D. CEO of Able Community has worked as Security Policy Maker in Kaiser Permanente and Information Security Officer in Wells Fargo Bank line of business and Information Security Manager at Gilead Sciences. We have a strong security governance, security program, security controls and compliance expertise that we have effectively enabled in Able Community and its solutions.
E. We have independence and high level of professional ethics, principles from IT security and technology expertise which basically states that there will be no compromise on security and integrity of the information assets
F. We have clearly defined security policies, practices, processes, acceptable use and effective contract language in order to manage risks and compliance requirements for the information assets.


13. What is the assurance that our Scholar website data will be safe and protected?

Each Scholar website solution is completely independent and securely deployed. In addition we have implemented 3 layers of application and data security firewall. This is in addition to the Operating system and Network firewalls. The server is hosted in a highly advanced and professionally secured data center in the west coast.

This in turn is effective by enabling logging and auditing as well as keep the development, staging and production environment completely separate on different servers along with segregation of duties.

At no point Able Community touches Scholar website data, manipulate or use it. We are legally bound to protect and safeguard customer data and in turn the data is not shared within Able Community, its affiliates or partners.

Scholars have complete admin control to their solutions, services and their data.


14. What is the assurance that our Scholar’s data will not be shared or looked upon?

The assurance is based on our strong professional principles, values, ethics and decision that we simply will not access or use Masjid data. In addition:

A. Legally binding contract with security and confidentiality language.
B. Enforcement of our terms of use, acceptable use, information security policy and processes.
C. An effective incident reporting, incident handling and reporting procedure in place to handle data integrity and data security issues.
D. Efforts to protect and strengthen Able Community brand and trust within our community.


15. How do we contact Able Community when there is an issue/incident?

There is a contact us form in the Scholar Website Program homepage as well as real time help desk ticket and support system.


16. What do you mean by full time support staff for Scholar Website Program?

We have real time online support staff that will be ready to provide assistance and support.


17. How will we contact for any issue or feature help?

Able Community provides online case management and real time helpdesk solution. In addition we have idea sharing and forum for additional feature request or assistance.


18. What if we want to have custom developed website, feature or solution?

Able Community specializes in developing individual dedicated customized websites based on renowned content management system. We have developed more than 10 templates for our products and services to choose from or bring your own design and we will develop customized solution and will help it enable on your website based on your direction and needs.


19. How can a Scholar get training for his/her volunteers and staff to use the Scholar website features and capabilities?

Able Community has Scholar Website on-boarding process where close partnership, support and requirements development and delivery is ensured.

Able Community has developed an effective Volunteer Management System to provide technology training and process walk-through of Scholar website solution in order to train and help Scholar and Masjid staff and management.


Additional Security design information

Each Masjid System has the below security structure. This service is one of the many other security capabilities we implemented in Able Community Secure architecture.


1. Double Firewall system providing Three Layers of protection:

Layer 1: Signature-based Detection System - detecting most common hacking behaviors.

a) Surface Scanning, once hacking behavior is found, the activity and corresponding IP will be banned immediately.

Layer 2: Pattern-based Instruction Detection Systems - blocking all inbound malicious codes and hacking activities, including network-, application-, and operating system-level attacks.

a) Scans and monitors all URL, Form Fields, Cookies values.
b) If hacking is found and the Risk Score exceed the secure level, the IP will be banned immediately.
c) If Suspicious Hacking behavior is found for Form Fields and Cookies hacking, the hacking strings in the Form / Cookies value will be stripped and sanitized.

Layer 3: HTTP BlackList System - dynamically linking to a HTTP blacklist database and blocking access based on network masks or IP addresses.

a) Scans users' IPs, once the IP address is located in the HTTP blacklist, the access will be blocked immediately.


2. Two Types of reactions:

a) Ban + Email Alert: If the hacking triggers Layer 1 protection or exceed the Risk Score in Layer 2 protection, the IP will be blocked, and the alert email will be sent to the administrator.
b) Log + Email Alert: If the Risk Score of the suspicious behavior is lower than the global setting, the IP will be blocked for monitoring purpose, and the alert email will be sent to the administrator.


3. Embedded Able Community Virus Scanner application:

Providing on-demand scanning of your source codes for malicious codes injections, cleaning of the malicious codes from the infected files, and generating complete scanning reports.


4. Form Field Filtering Enabled:

Allowing users to filter the content of the form fields in order to prevent XSS attacks.


5. Whitelist Setting Enabled:

Unlike other security software which only provides IP white list function, Able Community PHP Anti-Hacker also provides the white list function for your programs and form fields, so that it gives you the flexibility to user a wide range of software while maintaining a high level of protections.


6. Supports for Search Engine Optimized Websites:

Providing protection while maintaining your page ranking.


7. Instant emails alerts to administrators:

Once suspicious hacking behavior is logged.


8. The application is developed under Able Community on the basis using the Model-View-Control Architect. Therefore its functions can be easily extended to almost all other Able Community products and services.