Muslim Family Solutions

Quran Program

Quran and Islamic resources are essential part of our Families.

Quran and Sunnah are the sources through which we breathe, think, act, connect, grow and strive towards goodness and stopping from evil and wrong doing.

The Ablecommunity Quran Program is a wider community effort to leverage Ablecommunity Platform for:

  • Manners of the Soul to reach towards Quran
  • Quran and Islamic Multimedia resources
  • Online Hifz Quran classes, integrating with online Quran training videos with Tafhim
  • Discussion Forum, Questions & Answers for life issues in accordance with Quran & Sunnah
  • Helping each other practice learning, listening, understanding Quran Shareef
  • Have Family Quran learning plan for online or follow our Quran practice schedule
  • Integrate Muslim Community Masajid, Schools &Hifz Quran organizations enabling better online course registration, training resources & material etc.
  • Donation program for our Imams and Scholars

The essence of Ablecommunity Quran program & resources is very interesting

We are working hand in hand to enable Muslim Community Civic Solutions following the intent, direction and quality of Quran’s guidance& Sunnah.

This is best way for Ablecommunity is to engage and enable Islamic solutions working closely with Muslim Families, Teens and individuals.

Hence we enable a Living Quranic knowledge learning, understanding, absorbing and in turn applying in our lives using Rimici “ONE Source” Muslim Family Programs

Amr bi 'l-marûf&nahi 'ani 'l-munkar is a moral and ethical safety-net for the Muslim families and the human society at large. It does not allow the Muslim community to abandon its members in the path of immorality and self-destructive path. Nor does it allow the Muslim Ummah to be indifferent to the moral and ethical dilemma faced by humanity at large.

Allâh says:


"There should be among you (O believers), a group (of the learned and sincere persons) who should call (the people) towards goodness, bid (them) to the good and forbid (them) from the evil--they are the successful people." (3:104)


While describing the believers, Allâh says:


"...The believing men and the believing women are helpers of each other: they bid the good, forbid the evil, establish the prayer, pay the alms, and they obey Allah and His Messenger--these are the people on whom Allah will be merciful. Indeed Allah is Powerful and Wise." (9:71)


In the latter verse, while counting the positive qualities of the believers, Allah has placed amr bi 'l-ma'rûf and nahi 'ani 'l-munkar before the salât and the zakât. Because it is with amr and nahi that salât, zakât and other good deeds will be promoted and practised in the Muslim community.

Hazrat 'Ali bin AbiTâlib (Radi Allah O Anhum) said:


"Verily the people before you perished because when they committed sins, the Rabbis and the Priests did not forbid them from it. And when the people became submerged into sins and the Rabbis and the Priests did not forbid them, then the chastisement came down upon them. Therefore, bid towards the good and forbid the evil; and know that bidding towards the good and forbidding from evil will not hasten your death or decrease your sustenance."


On the same lines, the Prophet of Islam (may peace be upon him) had said earlier that, "My followers will be in good condition as long as they bid (each other) towards the good, forbid (each other) from the evil, and co-operate with each other in good (deeds). If they do not do this, then the (heavenly) blessings will be lifted from them and some (evil ones) among them will be imposed over them (as a ruler). In that state, they will have no helper, neither on the earth nor in the heaven."