Muslim Events Management Program

Able Community (nonprofit) is bringing technology trainings and volunteering helps to our families and nonprofit organizations help them with learning and using technology for families and community programs and services. 

Able Community is providing technology trainings and volunteering based on Rimici “ONE Source” Secure Cloud platform for family and community programs.

We are delighted to enable community members and nonprofits learn to use present day technology solutions in improving their programs, services delivery.

We are requesting volunteers for training and guidance opportunities to enable and teach technology solutions.

The Events management program allows our community members to view events listing based on zip code/city, select events families wants to participate, register and gets online ticket sell and confirmation.


 Key features of the Muslim Community Events Management Program are:

  • Community Event Setup & Online ticket sell
  • Events Registration workflow and payment engine
  • Highly customizable workflow for each event request and requirements including
  • Events Listings & Promotion
  • Frontend User Panel where users can view registration history, edit records, make payments, and cancel registrations
  • Barcode support, unique barcode image generated for each record.
  • Events Newsletter campaign and Professional quality Islamic Events templates
  • Events Multimedia Resources
  • Event Blogs
  • Event Discussion and Idea Sharing
  • Events Polling & Survey
  • Events user participation and analytics reporting
  • Businesses to promote business discounts, promotions, coupons and business Ads
  • Professional IT Help Desk Support based on ITIL & ITSM best practices
  • ISO27002 & ISO27001 compliant Secure Cloud infrastructure, processes, roles & responsibilities including secure architecture design, monitoring, vulnerability management and risk management
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant with enterprise wide Public Key Infrastructure for Secure transaction and communication.