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Rimici Live Help Feature

Live Chat Tools

Check their location based on they IP or send personalized messages to your visitors. Target specific visitors and offer help when they need it based on pages they are browsing,


Initiate a conversation by sending an specific message based on their behavior or by using automatic invitations to your website visitors. Pro-active messages, Pro-active invitation Automatic invitation


Choose how your visitors will see you. Define languages, images and colors depending of the country.Display your company logo and name in the chat window to let your website visitors know you.

Surveys, Ratings & Reports

See how your agents are doing, check all the information about the chats you had with your visitors or their satisfaction level are on your fingertips.


The intuitive desktop app makes easy to handle several live chat sessions like a professional agent. Take chats anytime anywhere through the mobile agent app.

Archives and notifications

Keep safe an in your own hands the whole live chat sessions and offline messages. Mobile agent app run in the background, a new live chat request is a simple push notification that will let you know immediately.