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Able Community society governance operating model is the mechanism used by the Society Advocacy Team members and Able Community board and management to translate the elements of the governance framework and policies into practices, procedures, and job responsibilities within the governance infrastructure


Benefits of Able Community Society Governance Framework & Programs


Improved clarity: The board and management face the challenge of translating governance principles into practices

Greater visibility: To fulfill its governance responsibilities, the board should have clear lines of sight into management’s decision-making and risk-management processes

Improved coordination: Addressing the complexity inherent in governance of multiple businesses across a global organization requires coordinated action from Able Community.

Shared Resources for Societies and Continuous Quality Improvement: Able Community Society Programs enables Advocacy team members collaborate, share success capabilities and benefit from shared resources

Audit, Risk Management and Compliance Reporting: Able Community Governance Framework enables privacy, security and risk management controls from the ground up in our secure cloud architecture, security incidents and events management capability. It provides confidence to our partners, civic and enterprise entities and enable our nonprofits resources directly serving the society members.