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Community Background

The reason why there are many Cham children are illiterate in Vietnam and Cambodia is because Champ people are constantly facing wars, persecution and genocide since the 10thcentury.

53.7% of the population in Cambodia is living below the poverty line.[32] Due to poverty, children in Cambodia are forced to give up education to work and supplement the family's income. The opportunity cost of sending their children to school are very high in some families, making it almost impossible for the children to receive education. Based on the data from International Labor Organization, close to 20% of children ages 5–9 are employed. The figures then rise to 47% for children between ages 10–14 and 34% for ages 15–17. Among the number of working children of ages 5 to 17, only 45% have the chance to attend school.[19] Source Wikipedia:

As Cham community is minority (5% of total population) with economic hardship, the children education opportunity and rate is much lower than the overall literacy rate in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Organization Status / Mission

The mission of the Moonlight Humanity Foundation is to help indigenous, displaced and impoverished peoples in Southeast Asia such as the Champa people, minority ethnic group regardless of race, color, religion, disability, and background with an emphasis on assisting women and children by providing access to sanitation, education, and emergency relief.

We currently Supporting orphans in Vietnam, Cambodia.

Risk/Gap Analysis

  1. Lots of high value efforts, success stories and direct impact on Orphans, Women and Community life, economic and health benefits. However very limited and verbal conversation of good efforts, success and impact.
  2. Challenge to invite volunteers and promote volunteering events
  3. Challenge to use newsletter campaigns
  4. Challenge to setup effective membership drive for engagement
  5. Challenge to identify and structure Donations based on Zakaat, Sadqah, general donations
  6. Lack of ability to manage:
    • Membership
    • Volunteering
    • Donations
    • Event registration and payment
    • Newsletter campaigns
    • Zero online security
    • Tracking & Follow-up on Pledges
  7. Very limited to no website security
  8. Very limited to no website & database backup
  9. Nonexistent organization structure to implement in the nonprofit system. Most activities were event and conversation based.
  10. Zero Communication and marketing plan
  11. Limited graphic design, flyers, banners and newsletter campaign expertise
  12. Limited event management program structure, checklist, coordination, marketing
  13. Limited access to Crowd Funding campaign websites and programs
  14. No Information Security Policy and implementation of security and privacy controls to protect members private, financial and confidential data

Rimici "ONE Source" Muslim Family Governance Domain and Capabilities

Rimici "ONE source design, developed, configured and implemented the Muslim Family Governance Framework, Domains, Programs/Capabilities through-out the Muslim Community and families life cycle phases and needs.

Rimici "ONE Source Family Programs and Solutions were implemented using ITIL streamlined best practices processes for consistent quality and end to end workflow enabling solutions while managing risks.

A risk assessment based on Moonlight Executive and team's meeting, interviews, walk-through of activities mapping back to Moonlight key programs and resources.

This exercise resulted in identifying financial and operational risks, gaps, maturity, and marketing and communication gap

Governance Solution Design

Rimici "ONE Source" implemented a highly secure next generation software defined data center built for privacy, security and regulatory compliance/risk management from the ground up. The Data Center is located in Fremont, California

Rimici "ONE Source' Secure Cloud is a single massive scale elastic cloud for first Online Muslim Society.

Rimici "ONE Source identified the following solution capabilities for Moonlight Humanity towards its sustainable success

  1. Large Enterprise Grade Massive Scale Secure Cloud on which Moonlight will run its integration operations and resources capabilities
  2. Advanced business Content Management System (Responsive/Mobile Ready) with social media integration and dedicated web application firewall and enterprise grade backup
  3. Integrated Non Profit System with detailed configuration, customization, workflow validation for Membership Management, Donation Management, Events Registration and Fund Raising, Pledge Management, Newsletter campaign management
  4. Advanced and very easy to use new blogging platform for content flow and updates
  5. Discussion Forumwith Idea Sharing
  6. Moonlight Humanity Key Programs in a highly effective and mature manner:
    • Listing the historical background/situation
    • Moonlight Humanity Initiative, local team work/activities and roadmap
    • Success Stories & Testimonials
    • Events and Media (images) campaigns
    • Donation structure for Quick Donation
    • Newsletter campaign and archiving
  7. Integration of Moonlight with Muslims Helping Muslims Crowd Funding Program
  8. Assigned highly skilled graphic designers for website graphic and media design, flyers, banners and events information.
  9. Created Moonlight Event registration, campaign and social Media Marketing
  10. Integrated nonprofit operations with Moonlight QuickBooks for end to end financial record keeping, accounting, audit and transparency
  11. Dedicated Help Desk Support team for Moonlight nonprofit operations and technology solutions
  12. Able Community provided online orientation, hands on training for Moonlight Humanity team members, Solutions and capabilities walk-through and documentation.
  13. ISO 27002 Framework based controls for privacy and security of Moonlight confidential data including members financial and privacy data.
  14. Risk Management of application regulatory compliance.
  15. Integration with Events Portal for effective Events registration, marketing
  16. International Muslim Chamber of Economy (IMCE) marketing capabilities including Banner Ads, Social Ads, Marketing Campaign, Newsletter campaigns, SMS marketing, and Able Community TV with Facebook Streaming capabilities.

Operational Success and Journey (Following Policies, Standards and process/workflow along with help desk support)

Now Moonlight Humanity is operating under the capabilities and Family/Community program guidelines/resources

Moonlight website is built from the ground up aligning key programs and operational workflow with continuous marketing, social media campaigns and updates along with presence in Crowd Funding Program.

This is enhanced with additional partnership with Rimici "ONE Source" Healthcare capabilities, Hospital and Electronic Medical Record System with HIPAA and HiTech Act of 2009 Compliance and risk management. These capabilities are being used by other medical nonprofit organizations and workers across, USA, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Able Community Awareness & Training

None of the above capabilities and success is achievable without Able Community training, awareness, hands on technology workflow trainings and documentations.

Able Community nonprofit is instrumental providing hands on training, guidance, resources, support, documentations for nonprofits and families learn and use technology and Rimici Secure Cloud based solutions.

Please visit to learn more about Able Community at