Rimici Career, Jobs & Internship Program


Salaam O Alaykum,

Ablecommunity has enabled Muslim Family Jobs & Careers Program.

Jobs and freelancing program is intended to help community businesses organize their online job postings and online application submissions.

Ablecommunity Jobs & Freelancing program is open for any business, industry body or staffing company wishing to establish a presence on the Rimici Secure Cloud platform, where jobseekers can come to view the latest jobs and apply to them.

Muslim Family Jobs & Careers Program allows you to run your own, unique jobs classifieds service where you or employer can advertise their jobs and jobseekers can upload their Resumes.

The Jobs & Careers program allows community members to present job opportunities and helping companies identify qualified candidates based on family and community networking

Ablecommunity members can directly apply for the specific job or send an application.

Furthermore it is possible to register as firm and as candidate. Firms can insert and manage the job offers. Candidates can insert personal information.

  • A modern career center that is fully integrated with mobile and social media is a major benefit to your members and increases engagement
  • We back you with our entire salesforce and marketing staff to promote your career center to generate significant non-dues revenue
  • Attracts new site visitors effortlessly Web Scribble’s network of job sites

Your career center is the most visited section of your association web site and an incredible opportunity to increase membership

The following features are included:

  • Languages: German, English, French, Dutch; Turkish
  • Responsive next generation mobile website capability
  • Community members and organizations can register as firm and manage job postings
  • Register as candidate and store personal information
  • Different firm groups to define different rights for the firms (e.g. number of jobs)
  • Create categories (e.g. full-time, half-time, temporary help)
  • Create job offers
  • Save detailed information for each job
  • Attach a file (e.g. PDF)
  • Support of applications
  • Save applications
  • For all applications it is possible to attach the following documents:
  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificates/Credentials
  • Edit / Insert of new job applications via frontend
  • Individual email notifications

Ablecommunity Jobs & Career Program can be effectively integrated social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn