Key Success Goals Accomplishments

July - December 2019 Efforts for the 21st Century Muslim Society

  1. Introduction of the Programs to wider community members
  2. 21st Century Muslim Society Events calendar confirmation
  3. Programs use cases, QA & UI efforts for the general/production use in July 2019
    • IZCM (National Zakaat, Sadaqah & Family Crowd Funding Platform)
    • Hajj, Umrah & Family Travel Platform
    • Professional Career Resources Platform
    • Muslim Legal Network Platform
    • Accounting, Tax Accounting, Finance & Insurance Services Platform
    • Programs donation/sponsorship drive for professional grade effective launch – Syed Rizwan’s engagement & leadership
  4. Community Introduction, Adaptation & Engagement Funding
    • Training Coordinator & Communication: $15k/year
    • Volunteer trainings, events preparation, events operations: $20K/year
  5. Prepare for the completion, operations and Community announcement/event of Secure cloud for the unified 21st Century Muslim Society.
  6. 21st Century Muslim Society Operations Event: Discuss to setup date for the North America wide operation announcement of the 21st Century Muslim Society and Practical professional grade solution programs from International Chamber of Economy
  7. Open for Families/Professionals Advocacy Drive
  8. Audio/Video support from the original builders of Muslim Community in Silicon Valley, CA
  9. Audio/Video Support drive from Advocacy Team
  10. Audio/Video Support drive from our scholars
  11. Audio/Video Support drive from Young Muslim Scholars & Professionals
  12. Audio/Video Support drive from Sisters
  13. Audio/Video support from Masajid board