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Syed Rizwan Ashraf

Syed Rizwan Ashraf

Governance Leader of Muslim Society Framework & Charter
Security, Privacy, Civic and Regulatory Risk Management Leader for the Muslim Society
Muslim Society Resiliency & Continuity Leader
Architect and Owner of Secure Cloud for Muslim Society

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Our Roadmap
syed rizwan ashraf

Our Roadmap

al-Ansar(الأنصار) "The Helpers": Advocacy & Volunteering Platform
Sadiqi (صَدِيقي) "My Friend": Young Muslims Resources Platform (Age 9 - 21)
Professional Careers & Job Resources Platform

Our Advocacy

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21st Century Unified Muslim Society
11 August 2019

Written by Zahrotul Afifah


The 21st Century Unified Muslim Society in North America needs learning, understanding, and adhering to the “pure” and “true” Islam in an educated, respectful, transparent, and practical manner in order to meet the very fast-paced social and economic life in the 21st century.