Advocacy for 21st Century Muslim Society

Advocacy & Volunteering for Zakat, Sadaqah & Family Crowd Fund Raising Platform

Advocacy & Volunteering for Hajj, Umrah and Family Travel Platform

Advocacy & Volunteering for Professional Career & Job Resources Platform

Advocacy & Volunteering for Accounting, Tax Accounting, Financial & Insurance Services Platform

Advocacy & Volunteering for Advertisements, Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing & Product Marketing Campaigns

Advocacy & Volunteering for Women Professional Networking Platform

Advocacy & Volunteering for Muslim Legal Network Platform

Advocacy & Volunteering for Civic Engagement Platform

Advocacy & Volunteering for Events Management Platform

Advocacy & Volunteering for New Muslim Converts Resources Platform

Advocacy & Volunteering for Young Muslim Resources Platform

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Why Join Us

We Educate and Train:


Family Governance

We Train Family Governance for Shared Success and Unified Social Initiatives



We provide technology guidance and training for secure online presence maintaining privacy and security of their members and internal operations data in accordance with applicable regulatory compliance requirements


Social Impact

We enable Non Profit organizations to learn and use technology solutions for their social impact and community success

Volunteering & Awareness Training

We provide free tools for nonprofit events and School Management System

Programs Sponsorship & Donation

Leadership History of Muslim Community in Silicon Valley, CA

Background & Vision of 21st Century Muslim Society

Future of Muslim Families and Business Success Belong To Those Who Build It’s Secure Cloud Infrastructure... Read More

Leader’s Vision & Support

Able Community mission is to introduce, train and help adopt technology solutions for communities and nonprofits.... Read More

Chairman Able Community Inc.

Developed and implemented Integrated Risk & Controls Self-Assessment Framework, Business Case... Read More

Programs Introduction, Awareness, Training & Adaptation Journey

Accounting and Financial Services, Advocacy Team and Operations, Advocacy and Volunteering Platform... Read More

List of Programs for Donation Drive

21st Century Muslim Society – Intro & awareness events in California & North America, VMS & Advocacy Team Operation.... Read More

Latest News

Latest News